Summer Fishing Contests

Troop 508 Summer Fishing Photo Contest


School is out, and that means, time for summer fishing.


This year, the troop will be conducting a “Fishing Photo Contest” from today, through August 31.

“Fishing Photo” can be a lot of different things.  A photo pf your big catch from the creek?  A great sunset from the lake where you’re fishing?  A funny pic of a family member that fell asleep in their chair while waiting on a bite?

What does it mean to you?

There will be a prize for “Best Fishing Photo” judged by the adults of the troop (only adults without entered youth).

Over the summer, take pics whenever you go fishing, and email them to along with a short (50 words or so) write up on the photo.

You can enter up to 5 photos over the summer (and you can “cull” your entries)

Please enter only pics from the summer of 2017 and, only photos taken by Scouts.

Have fun, and good luck.




Fishing’s Future 2017 National Youth CPR Contest is running a CPR contest for the next 10 weeks as well. With some great prizes!  Re-use the pics for this contest as well:

They want pics from youth with a short essay for each entry.


New Troop Leadership 4/2017

SPL  – Noah K

ASPL  – Carson M

ASPL  – Isaac R


Patrol Leaders / Asst patrol Leader

Majestic Mountainmen – Colby C / Micah N

Phoenix – Aiden B /

Dragon – Pierce W /

Viper – Jacob K / Luke B

Oh Dear – Riler H


Chaplains Aide – Pierce W

OA Rep – John W

Quartermaster – Matthew C

Webmaster – Luke B

Bugler – Aiden B

Librarian – Christian S

Scribe – Christopher R

Instructor – Ben R

Historian – CJ R

JASM – Robert J

Troop Guide Trevor N